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Friday, September 6, 2013

A New Blanket WIP

Work In Progress

One day I was enjoying the Pinterest crochet colourful world and my oldest daughter saw one so pretty blanket and asked me to crochet the same for her. I always happy to work with bright and yummy colours, so I picked the colours at the same second and started to crochet. So... I stole the colour palette... again... 


I started with two granny squares(6 rounds each) joined together in a rectangle, then I was working with simple granny stitch and after 9 rounds made I decided to add one strip of small squares. A little note: I'm turning my work after each round made while crocheting granny stitch rounds. 

* * *

Have you noticed that the Halloween is coming very very soon? Have you already started to prepare for this holiday?
 In my shop I have two new items for the Halloween.

See you soon with the updates about the blanket and my other projects!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. So beautful. Greetings, Amarins

  2. Oh Olga, I'm sure the blanket will become gorgeous, it is so wonderful already now!! Great color play ♥. And I always like the mix of big and small grannies with granny rows, super :-). Your Halloween goods are very nice as well, good idea!

  3. Какая красота. Сразу поднимает настроение!

  4. I love to work with bright colors and your blanket will be beautiful. love Carol


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