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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Colour Rush Blanket

I finished two expressive bright blankets!
The big one for my daughter with unusual for me yellow coloured border.

I'm very happy with this blanket because it is so colourful and bright, as well it was just an excellent mood enhancer while I was crocheting it.

Here and here you can see a few pictures about the progress.
I didn't have any pattern ideas when I've started, only thing I wanted was to start with a few granny squares joined in a rectangle.

So a quick description for those who want to create something like this blanket:
  • I started with two granny squares in 6 rounds each, then I joined them together
  • and made around them 9 granny stitch rounds.
  • I started making tiny granny squares in 3 rounds each and joined them around the blanket using join-as-you-go method (here and through). 30 little squares in total.
  • 15 rounds of granny stitch around.
  • 12 circle-in-a-squares in 6 rounds each. The pattern for these squares is the same which I've used for making Spring Granny Blanket. These squares attached on two short opposite edges of  the blanket only.
  • 21 rounds of granny stitch around whole blanket.
  • Using the same colour as for the border 1 round of sc, 3 sc in each corner.
  • The border! (see the link below the following picture)

I fell in love with this border as soon as I saw it here (free Ravelry download).

 It turns out fairly large in size 140x180cm!

I've used for it almost 1.4kg of acrylic yarn in 12 different bright and yummy shades of Stylecraft Special DK mostly. Ravelry project.

I think it is enough for today so the second finished blanket I'll leave for the next time :)

Have a wonderful day 
take care of each other!



  1. Yes, it is a very bright and happy blanket...and a work of art! wow! And the border is so beautiful. Congratulations, OIga :-)

  2. Ого, какое красивое!!! Ты не перестаешь меня удивлять, своими дизайнами!!! С новым годом тебя и Рождеством!

  3. Hi Olga, Your blanket is so wonderful! I love the bright colours and the border is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! X Talitha

  4. As a granny squares lover I really like your works, they're great - a joy to the eye! ;)

  5. Wow, what a beautiful blanket!!!

  6. Hi Olga, the edge is so different and an absolutely stunning finish to your throw! Xxx

  7. Потрясающе красиво, красочно! Прелесть! Спасибо за участие в проекте Рукодельное кафе!

  8. I am in love this blanket is so pretty and cheerful it just brightens anyone's day who sees it. Thx for sharing your ideas.

  9. just finishing 2 afghans for my 2 granddaughters... this border is perfect!!! Thank you for sharing!!


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