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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Joining methods

I got a lot of questions about the method I've used to join the circles/squares for my last two Bright Baby Blankets.
So this is the  Continuous Join-as-you-Go method. There you will find the video-tutorial of how to as well as a graphic chart showing the direction of joining. I was just happy to hear about this way. It's a happiness, really! :)
To be honest I learned this method from one blog in Russian, but then I lost it, so I started looking for it in the English. 
I always used the simple Join-as-you-Go method before, cutting the yarn after each square/circle joined, then... you know the result - a lot of yarn tails to hide them (and hate them sometimes :)) This way is perfect to join different colored motives, but if you want to join all motives with the same color in the last row I always can recommend the Continuous Join-as-you-Go! You have to try!
Also I've found a lovely post about 10 different joining methods. Take a look there!


  1. thanks for sharing this tutorial! I'm going to use that some day ;-)

  2. Love the bright colors of your baby blanket. Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. This is one of the most beautiful blankets I've seen :) Thanks for the links to the tutorials!


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