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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Granny Blanket

Hurray! My granny square blanket is fully completed! A first time I made such a big blanket!

Spring Granny Blanket

The size is 140cm*175cm.

Spring Granny Blanket

The colours of the blanket I've been associated with a spring.

Spring Granny Blanket

I like the colours!

Spring Granny Blanket
 I like the dimension! 

Spring Granny Blanket

I love this blanket because it's FOR ME!!!  

Spring Granny Blanket

It is so cool to wrap myself from head to toe... m-m-m... so nice... Or seat under it with my lovely girls together... Or with my husband... 

Spring Granny Blanket

So the blanket contains 8*10 squares. Each square contains 7 rounds. The first three rounds are a circle, 4th round forms a square  with trebles in corners. Below is a description. Contact with me, please, if there is something wrong you notice.

US symbols:
dc - double crochet
tr -  treble crochet
ch - chain

Ch 4 joining in ring;
1 rnd: 12 dc in ring;
2 rnd: in each of 12 spaces between the stitches - [2 dc together, ch 1];
3 rnd: in each of  ch-1-spaces - (3 dc, ch 1);
4 rnd: working in each ch-1-space. *In 1st space to form a corner (3 tr, ch 2, 3 tr), ch 1. In each of  next 2 spaces (3 dc and ch 1). From * repeat 3 more times;
5 rnd: working in each ch-1-space. *(3 dc, ch2, 3 dc) for a corner, ch1. In each of  next 3 spaces (3 dc and ch 1). From * repeat 3 more times;
6 rnd: working in each ch-1-space. *(3 dc, ch2, 3 dc) for a corner, ch1. In each of  next 4 spaces (3 dc and ch 1). From * repeat 3 more times;
7 rnd is a joining round. 
How to join squares with my most liked join-as-you-go-method.

About the border. It is so simple. Just 3 dc and ch 1, 3 dc and ch 1, etc... And in corners 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc. As many rounds as you want. But I made 10 rounds.

Spring Granny Blanket the border

Spring Granny Blanket the border

Spring Granny Blanket the border

And below is a graphic pattern (in U.S. symbols) of the square in which I drawn only 5 rounds. The round 6 and 7 you will continue in the same manner as round 5.

Spring Granny Blanket square pattern

After I finished this blanket, I felt I am empty... A few days I didn't crochet anything... Only thinking about my unfinished projects. Which of this will be next... So I decided to take up African flower hexagons. It will be a bag!

African flower hexagon

See you soon with a heart garland I finished a few days ago!
I wish you a spring sunny day!
With love


  1. What a beautiful blanket. The colors would make a great baby blanket but are perfect for a spring one also. Have a great week!

  2. Lucky you! You've been given yourself such a lovely blanket! I like the colours and the dimension too. So great!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. With love Talitha

  3. Looking good! Such cheerful colors, I really like it. Is the yarn changing colors of itself? :) And it's big! One day I will make a big blanket too.
    And love to see your bag with the african flower hexies, love them already :)
    - Anne

  4. Well done, that must have taken you ages to make. I love the colours and it fits very nicely on your couch and your bed. Is that another blanket I see tucked away next to the bed???
    I have one project in its very final stages, tons of unfinished WIPS, but I had to go and start a new one 2 days ago. Oh when will I ever learn!
    xXx Helen

  5. Wonderful! The spring is already with you then! And the colors are just great, nice how you put them together. Lovely work :)

  6. Your blanket is soooo beautiful!!!
    so warm and cosy looking, perfect for snuggling!!!
    It's always hard when you finish a big project, deciding what to do next, I always feel the same as you

  7. Wow! Your blanket is gorgeous!! Love the colors. Nice Work!


  8. Oh it is beautiful!! I adore the colors your chose. It defiantly looks like spring to me! Thank you for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  9. The blanket is gorgeous! The colors are perfect for spring! I love that you made it for yourself too. We need to do things like this for ourselves from time to time. :)

  10. this blanket is very pretty, love the colors you used for it. also what is the blanket in the one picture, it's like white with multi-color circles in the middle. i like that one as well

    1. Thank you so much! The blanket that you are talking about it is a big-big Granny Squares Blanket, which is almost done after. You can see my post about it here: http://olgasoleil.blogspot.ie/2013/01/revival-of-big-blanket.html


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